30 minutes indoors

When the need to press the shutter strikes, sometimes the time just isn’t available. And at other times you do not want to go outside and spend time taking pictures in the rain. Hardly appealing. Staring at the rain with a cup of tea in my hand, the uninviting idea was replaced by the “comfy and warm at home” idea. Why not?

Why not indeed. The plan: impose some basic photographic restrictions on yourself. Use 50mm lens only; f/4 aperture; go for B&W shots in a 1×1 format; 30 minutes to take 10 shots of details in my house.

Thirty minutes and 38 shots later everything was uploaded into Lightroom, after which it was rapidly and rather carelessly cropped and converted into black and white. Then the 10 most interesting ones were selected.

The last part was definitely not the easiest. The results are below.

Posted in: B&W