“Look,” she said, “there is a new cat!”
A grey striped cat slowly made its way over the fence, stopping in the middle to get a good stretch.
“Does it still have the price tag on, then?” he said. She turned away from the window and looked puzzled.
“A price tag… if it is new…”
She sighed and thought that their conversations had become stranger and stranger. A price tag? You wouldn’t say that for people. Hey, I met a new friend today, had a yellow price tag on it. Came with a discount too. Was he trying to be funny? She looked out the window again.
“It’s gone now.”
“The price tag?”
“Come on…”
Once he had thought of a joke he found funny, he kept repeating it. It looked like it was going to rain again. It had been raining all week. She could not wait to leave. There were only a few weeks left until their holiday.
“I am going to make tea. Do you want some?”
He mumbled something, never looking up from his magazine. Something with motorcycles.
“Woah, look at that!” he exclaimed without going into detail.
“Tea? I will make new tea. Would you like some as well?”
He mumbled something that could have passed for a yes. She made some anyway.
“Did you say something about a cat?” He looked up from his magazine.
She smiled at him from the other side of the room.
“Grey with white stripes, never seen it before here. Price tag had been removed already, but it still had the discount sticker.”
Now it was his turn to look puzzled. “Discount sticker?”
“Discount sticker. A ‘Sale’ sticker. Yellow, 30% off.”
“Yes, 30%. I know my discount stickers.”
“On a cat?”
She smiled.
“I would have it removed.”

Photo by unsplash-logoCharlie Deets