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Infinity‘ is another fine ambient album created to bring space for calm and reflection.

The book ‘Kitchen’ by Banana Yoshimoto sparked the inspiration for this album. Randomly chosen words mixed with the mood of the book, the music started to take on a life of its own and settled down in an imaginary seaside village late one summer of an uncertain year. It was a tranquil place, and the summer’s heat aided to bring the overall speed of life down even further.

Available on Bandcamp.


Retreat” is an album that will make you reflect and slow down a bit. You can check out one of the tracks below or go to my Bandcamp page where you can purchase it as well.

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I wanted music that I would love to listen to in that rooftop bar, while lounging at a beach club, while relaxing by that pool, while travelling through the countryside and taking up the scenery with all available senses, while zoning out and clearing my head.

So I created it.

Going to Japan

A first full-length album, inspired by a trip through Japan some time ago, constructed on a partly real, partly fictional memory.

Available on Bandcamp.