This is me

Now (he) glorifies the arts,
the arts are refinement of the self (atma-samskrti).
With these the worshipper recreates his self,
that is made of rhythms, meters.
— Aitareya Brahmana 6.27 (~1000 BCE)

My name is Tom Winckels, and I make beautiful music. I write short stories and movie scripts. I have taken interesting pictures, and have created memorable documentaries. I am a poet, philosopher, composer, and much more.

I am a creative person.

Listening lounge

Over here you can have a listen to a selection of the music I have created so far. Tune in, zone out, relax. Here is a taster:

Latest release

Not so long ago the album “Cloud collection” was released, consisting of twenty little tunes intended to have you feel nature closer to you, make you feel as if you were lying on your back in a field, staring at clouds, or give you the illusion of drifting between the clouds. Put on headphones and close your eyes. Here is what you can expect: