Listen to music. Always listen to music. It will lift you up. It will colour your day. It will move you.

My music does not have lyrics. It is purely there for you to listen to, to relax with, and to let your self come to rest for a while.

I make music to fit the unwritten stories, the not-yet-shot movie scenes, the moments experienced in daily life, and the imagery based on a dreams or fantasies.

My music is available on Bandcamp.


Another beautiful ambient album created to bring space for calm and reflection, inspired by the book ‘Kitchen’ by Banana Yoshimoto.

Randomly chosen words mixed with the mood of the book, the music started to take on a life of its own and settled down in an imaginary seaside village late one summer of an uncertain year. It was a tranquil place, and the summer’s heat aided to bring the overall speed of life down even further.

Cover of the album Retreat


Post-CoViD the world seems as crazy as before, and many of the good intentions we had have disappeared as quickly as New Year’s resolutions. The time we had to reflect, or claimed we had, during the time of the CoViD-pandemic is something we need on a daily basis.

Since music is such a big part of my life, the space for reflection and calmness had to be represented in my music as well. Hence “Retreat”: a place for reflection.


I wanted music that I would love to listen to while zoning out and clearing my head. So I created it.

Cloud collection

“Cloud collection” is a selection of short melodies, inspired from looking at the clouds all over the world.

Going to Japan

An eclectic music mix inspired by traveling to Japan. Partly true, partly fiction.


A short album with pieces intended to accompany short movies.