Songs that do not fit an album (yet?), but are worth being heard anyway.

After the snow

Snow and a forest. A monochrome play in Black & White.

Random art

In addition to photography and making music, I paint, I draw, I write, and create in other possible ways. Welcome to GoRA, the Gallery of Random Art.


Photography has been an almost permanent feature of my life. There have been times that I have taken a break from it, but there have also been times where the camera has been almost attached to my body. So much, that when watching old video footage evoked comments such as “…and always with his camera” […]


The other morning I noticed something that stood out in my photographs. It struck me so clearly, and I wondered whether it had been too obvious to notice before. All my photographs lack human interaction. They represent a world without human inhabitants. Perhaps there is one lingering in the background, and there will be a […]

Memories of summer

Memories. A recollection of what we know, of what we experienced. The memories will be re-enforced by photographs, and both the photographs and our memory will get coloured over time. So why not start with that immediately? Below is a collection of what is quickly becoming a memory, or perhaps a collection of how I […]