Tom has had a fascination for photography for at least three decades. It started in the late eighties with a fixed-lens Agfa camera that was older than he was himself, shooting only black-and-white film because it could be developed at home. A few years later he got a Pentax SLR, still mostly shooting in black and white, but occasionally in colour as well.

Although missing the distinctive qualities of film in the beginning, once the digital camera — and with it the digital darkroom — entered his life, Tom fully embraced the digital life, which fed his desire to experiment more often and see the results quicker.

Starting analogue, the limited number of exposures available per roll of film gave him the advantage of truly looking at what to shoot, how to frame the subject, and carefully considering the exposure before pressing the shutter.

Having shot landscapes and objects primarily, Tom has experience with photographing weddings, and is now making his foray into portrait photography.