On perfection

If you think you are a perfectionist, have a quick listen to this (about 16 seconds will do).

Just think about that for a while: “Perfection is the disguise”, whether or not of insecurity, but it’s a good candidate. When done thinking, have a look at the one below. Again, about 10 seconds will do, but do watch the entire monologue if you can spare the 2 and a half minutes:

It is all subjective, indeed.

Now if you agree that being a — possible — perfectionist is holding you back, ask yourself whether what you have right now is at 80%. If so, you probably do not need to go the last 20%, but if you do, this may delay you, and possibly forever. If you are at 80%, get it out there. Whether that is a product, a song, or your ability to run your local 5K run.

Just get it done.

Truth be told, if you are below 80%, it may be worth spending a bit more time improving (improving, not perfecting) it. But if you are at 80%, go for it. See what the reaction is, and figure out whether the final 20% are needed, and if so what the final 20% should look like. You can figure it out later.

Keep in mind:

  • Your perfectionism may stop you from putting anything out there at all.
  • Your 80% may be somebody else’s 120%.
  • Dare to show it.

Intercontinental flight

Going to Japan album cover

A soundscape, a ride on a plane. With a very long, intercontinental flight ahead of you, the only thing to do is sit back and relax, enjoy the food (the chocolate and nuts you brought yourself, obviously), and listen to some music like “Intercontinental flight” to drift away, imagining what you may encounter at your destination.

Where are you heading off to? Head somewhere great in 2017.

“Intercontinental flight” is from the “Going to Japan” album, available on Bandcamp.

Temple at dawn

Going to Japan album cover

The religious season is upon us. And whether you believe, or whatever you believe, there are definitely strange things happening in life that we do not have a scientific explanation for yet. Until we do, just marvel at the strangeness of that unexpected beauty, feel the snow on your nose, hear the wind through the trees, or wonder why on earth your body is working the way it does. Perhaps you do so at a “Temple at dawn”, a song as wonderful and unexpected as life itself.

The “Temple at dawn” is from the “Going to Japan” album, available on Bandcamp.