The guitar has been in my life for over 25 years — and slowly we get older. This particular one was built by Antonio Picado from Barcelona, Spain, and joined me in 2003.

Let me present you a set of photographs where the goal was to take pictures as quickly as possible by fixing time limit; subject; camera settings such as aperture, ISO level, and the use of a fixed lens (don’t use that zoom, just move around); and output format. All as a means to restrict thinking about distracting factors and keeping focus when taking the pictures. This series was converted into B&W and cropped to a 1×1 format.

These shots were taken indoors with little light. I used a 50mm lens with an f/4 aperture, shooting at a fairly noisy 800 ISO on an aging Nikon D70s. The time limit had been set to 30 minutes, followed by some high-speed Lightroom tweaking, after which the 10 most interesting ones were selected.

Click on the thumbnails below to see a bigger version of the image. Enjoy.


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