Cloud collection

The album Cloud collection is a collection of short melodies, inspired from looking at the clouds all over the world. Have a taster below.

You can get the album on Bandcamp.

Arrival at 5AM

Your plane touches down after an overnight east-bound flight as dawn appears at the horizon. Slightly dazed you step out of the plane and onto the tarmac. Where to go next? Is this Africa?

In the clouds

It feels light, bounces up in the air, goes around, and floats by.

In flight

Gliding above a field of white clouds, the sunlight bounces off them and through her window on 3A. She closes her eyes and stretches her legs in La Première. The menu, please.


The sky is dressing up in the colours handed out by the morning sun. You watch. You breathe. You soak it up. You try to understand the beauty.


Cloud Collection” is now available for download.