“Very eclectic stuff, which is one of the strong points of this mini-album.”

The album Orientation was recorded a few years before it was presented, and reflects quite well what I was doing: trying to orient myself on a style; finding a stylistic direction; figuring out what it was that I was making. Now it has been remixed and remastered — something you never know the meaning of until you’ve done it — and it has become clear that a fixed style is not what I am after.

You can get the album on Bandcamp.

I simply cannot stick to, or push or force myself to making music in just one style.

On dirait que Philip Glass a rejoint Giorgio Moroder…

This will become clearer with the release of future albums. I am not making music in a certain style. I am making music to fit the unwritten stories, the not-yet-shot movie scenes, the moments experienced in daily life, and the images that are repeating itself inside my head as a dream or fantasy. And as such these pieces should be seen and listened to: a soundtrack to accompany movies that have not been recorded yet. Because my style depends on my mood, and on how I see and experience life, the way it does for many people.

In praise for “Orientation”:

Wonderful electronic vibrations that travel across this whole album and heartwarming piano moments and nice little tunes of drum-n-bass. Giving cosy little melodies that make your heart smile and giving a warmth of comfort and bliss as you listen and feel the light rays of relaxation and enjoyment fill you up as this whole soundscape wraps its arms around you and holds you close from start to end on this very beautifully expressed, glittering, dancing, little number of a superb album.

Very eclectic stuff, which is one of the strong points of this mini-album. […] a great sense of melody […] reminds me a little bit of Pascal Comelade.

Chaque titre fait mouche, la cible est atteinte. On dirait que Philip Glass a rejoint Giorgio Moroder sur ce petit album plein de trouvailles.

You can buy the album on Bandcamp.