Of the many things that I am, a passionate photographer and musician have been among them for years. Over here you can find a display of the better things that I have created more recently.

My fascination for photography dates back to the late eighties. It started with a fixed-lens Agfa camera older than I was myself, shooting only black-and-white film because we could developed it at home. A few years later I bought a Pentax SLR, still mostly shooting in black and white, but occasionally in colour as well.

Although missing the distinctive qualities of film in the beginning, I embraced the digital camera — and the digital darkroom — when the time was right, feeding my desire to experiment more often and see the results quicker.

Starting analogue, the limited number of exposures available per roll of film has given me the advantage of truly having to look at what to shoot, how to frame the subject, and carefully considering the exposure before pressing the shutter.

My love for making music is at least as old. You may have spotted the guitar already, and from the first years of playing the “would it not be awesome to have all of that recorded somehow” thought has been running through my mind. Once the limits of comparatively expensive and restrictive 4-track tape recorders were replaced — again — by all things digital, there was no end to it: not in how to create it, what to create, or how much or often to create. Some of the recordings are now available on Bandcamp.

Guitar recordings, however, are still on the to-do list and will not be presented to the world any time soon.