On perfection

If you think you are a perfectionist, have a quick listen to this (about 16 seconds will do).

Just think about that for a while: “Perfection is the disguise”, whether or not of insecurity, but it’s a good candidate. When done thinking, have a look at the one below. Again, about 10 seconds will do, but do watch the entire monologue if you can spare the 2 and a half minutes:

It is all subjective, indeed.

Now if you agree that being a — possible — perfectionist is holding you back, ask yourself whether what you have right now is at 80%. If so, you probably do not need to go the last 20%, but if you do, this may delay you, and possibly forever. If you are at 80%, get it out there. Whether that is a product, a song, or your ability to run your local 5K run.

Just get it done.

Truth be told, if you are below 80%, it may be worth spending a bit more time improving (improving, not perfecting) it. But if you are at 80%, go for it. See what the reaction is, and figure out whether the final 20% are needed, and if so what the final 20% should look like. You can figure it out later.

Keep in mind:

  • Your perfectionism may stop you from putting anything out there at all.
  • Your 80% may be somebody else’s 120%.
  • Dare to show it.